Welcome to eSynapsis

eSynapsis has successfully served the information technology market place for over ten years. We provide quality IT solutions to our clients in a cost effective manner. eSynapsis is a professionally managed organization offering services in IT consulting, software application development and support to its clients in India and the US. We specialize in professional consulting and programming services for Rocket Software's U2 Universe, Unidata and SB+ environments.


"I have worked with eSynapsis for several years, starting when I met them at a mutual customer site. They are careful and conscientious as well as technically savvy. They know the U2 products and they know other technology so they have been very helpful in my efforts to standardize my user interface. They are pleasant and accommodating to work with. I appreciate their integrity and admire their work ethic. I don’t hesitate to recommend them."

--Susan Joslyn, President, SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc., Florida.

"eSynapsis has been a valuable partner to our IT project efforts this last year. Their team-members are quick learners who will take on most any challenge. They have allowed us to free up on-site staff programmers so they could complete projects for our end users that are difficult to handle otherwise. Many open software feedbacks have been "cleared off the deck" from our long list of things we simply were too busy to get to. I would recommend eSynapsis for any company looking to outsource IT work."

--Drew MacDonald, VP, Royal Brass & Hose, Knoxville, TN.